The Spa consists of a traditional hammam, with its rest room and four massage rooms or treatments are given by qualified and competent staff.

IL is open to outside guests.

Treatments and prices


4 Full massage and hammam animated by qualified and competent staff


Hammam treatments

- Scrub trad. soap: 15 €

- Scrub trad. poultice and ghassoul: 20 €


- Relaxing or invigorating with essential oils based Argan: 30 €

- Reflexology * (acupressure on the feet): 28

* Reservations

The formula Henia

- Hammam Scrub with massage 'beldi'
+ in cabin: relaxing or invigorating massage with Argan oil.
Then, relax on the terrace or patio, mint tea. : 60 €